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Online Platform for Construction Materials !

Company Overview:

SiteWok.com is an online platform for retailing Construction materials directly to the end users, complete with wide variety of choice and door step delivery. The founders with a joint onsite experience of 60 years, recognized the need of construction companies to avoid idle resources and cost overrun, due to shortage of materials on site. SiteWok.com realizes that every client has a unique way of approach to procurement of materials for their projects. However, considering the traffic chaos, Geographical Locations of suppliers, timely availability of critical materials is of utmost importance to avoid delays to the project, underproductivity and idle resources. SiteWok.com sought to resolve this critical issue by bringing transparency to the procurement process, reduce middleman in the supply chain and ultimately pass on the price saving with free delivery to our client’s doorsteps.


SiteWok aspires to be the best in B2C online platform to cater to the construction industry. Continuous research and development, providing economical and quick procurement of construction materials to our clients is our top priority to avoid delays and overrun of costs to their projects. “CONSTRUCTION MATERIALATYOUR DOOR STEPS” is our motto and we intend to abide by it.


SiteWok.com is an online retail platform for construction materials, with free delivery to the client's door steps. SiteWok.com intends to introduce the Construction Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributor's, to its vast data base of end-users by delivering economical material to our client's doorsteps. We intend to reduce considerable time and costs to our clients mainly in Tier1,2 and 3 Cities. SiteWok.com was established to reduce middle men in the Supplychain to reduce costs to the end user and 'Deliver to the client's doorsteps', to avoid idle resources and delays to the project due to lack and shortage of critical materials